IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Yes, you can reach Tim with a message using the form below. However there is a faster and better way to reach Tim by becoming an Apostolic Insider. Tim does get hundreds of emails a week so he may not see your message right away or get back to you as quickly as he does for Apostolic Insdiers. An Apostolic Insider is a supscriber based membership where users get access to unique content from Tim not found anywhere else on the web. Also they get a direct connection to Tim using a method where he see the members questions right away.

If you become a member YOUR MESSAGE goes stright to the top of the que for Tim to see. Plus your contribution helps Tim support his family and ministry and continues to help Tim produce even more educational Catholic Content that we can spread through out the world. Again you don't have to be a member to contact Tim, but we just wanted to give you a heads up about a faster and better way to communicate with Tim for those who may be interested in Contacting Tim faster and supporting his family and ministry.

You can become an Apostolic Insider using this link:

If you want still wish to contact Tim, but do not wish to become an Apostolic Insdier and don't mind using a less efficient method then you can do so using this form below.