America Will Reject Abortion When America Sees Abortion

The title for this post is taken from Fr. Frank Pavone, the Founder and President of Priests for Life, who famously said, “America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion.” I just made it a positive, “America will reject abortion when America sees abortion.” And I have always believed this to be true. I know many will not agree with me on this point, but I also believe people who favor abortion need to see abortion in all of its gory reality in order for this viewing of abortion to have its full effect. I believe tens of millions would change their view from pro-abortion to pro-life in a matter of the minutes it would take to see, via video, the reality of what abortion truly is.

Below, find proof positive that Fr. Frank (and I, I might add) is right! Watch how multiple people’s minds are changed by viewing what are rather mild examples of videos exposing the brutality of abortion. Watch this:

And this was after viewing these videos that are, again, relatively mild in presentation:

There are much more graphic videos than these available that I believe would be even more effective. But the main point of this post remains: America would reject abortion if America were to actually come to know what abortion is through seeing what abortion actually is with its own collective eyes.

One Way, But Not the Only Way

The viewing of the graphic and brutal reality of what abortion is is not the only way to change minds and hearts; though, as I said, I believe it is a very effective way. We can also persuade people, as I can tell you I have over the years, by simply laying out the truth of what abortion truly is. We all need to be evangelists for life if we are Catholic. In fact, we all need to be evangelists for life if we are simply men and women of good will. Opposition to the killing of innocent pre-born children is not a Catholic-only club!

But there is a third way of accomplishing the task as well. And the Knights of Columbus have teamed up with COLFS (Culture of Life Family Services) to bring to the fore what I believe to be another extremely effective tool in educating the masses who live in ignorance as to the truth about abortion. It comes in the form of multiple mobile ultrasound units that can be taken anywhere in the U.S. to give women in crisis pregnancies the opportunity to see their own babies in the womb in order to aid them in making the right choice to bring their unborn children to full term.

I recently spoke at a fundraiser for this group and it was truly one of the great honors of my entire career as an apologist. Check out the website here and see how you can get involved in this most worthy endeavor to create a true culture of life.

And if you would like to educate yourself as to the issues involved on an intellectual level, click here. 

6 thoughts on “America Will Reject Abortion When America Sees Abortion

  1. I have my doubts. America just doesn’t care. So even if the people saw it (assuming you can get them to watch it) most of them still won’t care.

    1. I think there are too many who still wouldn’t care. But this video proves there are some who will respond. The trick is getting them to watch it, as you said.

      1. I know Catholics who are against abortion, but they still like to vote for their favorite Democrats. The fact that these politicians are pro-abortion doesn’t matter to them, because to them this issue is not top priority. If there was a referendum on banning abortion then I can see how it might have a chance passing, but I doubt we will ever get a chance to vote on that.

        1. There are signs of hope. There is a movement away from abortion and toward the pro-life cause among millenials. They seem to favor so-called homosexual “marriage” (unfortunately, we have much work to do in that area), but not to favor abortion. We can build on that. IF Trump is elected and can put three or four pro-life justices on the bench we may well be in business to at least get abortion back to the states where it belongs (Constitutionally in the U.S.) and then we force the pro-death forces to actually present an argument (which they cannot do). If we can just present our case, we win every time. There is no doubt things are dark right now. And if Hillary is elected, I think we are virtually finished for 30 years politically. The courts have all the power in our very corrupted system. We then just have to do what we’ve always done. Fight the good fight one person, one soul at a time and save as many souls and babies as we can.

  2. Have you had discussion or a debate with a Pro-Choice advocate who describes your arguments as “Emotionally Manipulative”, because we tend to call fetus, “babies” or “unborn child”?

    1. Errol,
      Yes. I have found some pro-abortion advocates to use that tact. However, I will always refer to pre-born babies as pre-born babies precisely because the culture of death uses the term “fetus” to reduce these babies to something less than human. They do this to justify killing them. This is an old tactic used over and over again to justify mass murder.

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