An Amazing Apostolic Work – Not Mine!


Those of you who have been reading this blog since its inception, you know we are the new kids on the block. We just launched this blog back in July, 2013.

To get things started, I have been focusing on some basic, biblical apologetics, which should not be much of a surprise to those who know me. That represents a good chunk of what I do as Director of Apologetics and Evangelization at Catholic Answers here in San Diego, CA.

And BTW, stay tuned because we really haven’t even scratched the scratch on the surface compared to what we have planned for the coming months and years when it comes to biblical apologetics.

But you should also know that we plan much more than just this. We are going to tackle scientific matters as they relate to our Catholic Faith, philosophy, theology, history, and this is not to mention the more “fun stuff,” like movies, sports, popular culture, not so popular culture, politics, news, and more.

Now to the real reason for this post. There is another thing that we have not done to date on this blog, and that’s the promotion of other people, apostolates, etc. There are many reasons why we haven’t done this yet, one of which is we wanted more than three people reading the blog before we do it, but I would like to point you in the direction of an amazing work that is being done by Mr. Chris Stefanick of RealLifeCatholic.com

Chris has a truly extraordinary gift when it comes to reaching young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and in particular, with the message that every human being that has ever been conceived is infinitely loved by an infinitely loving God.

But let me shut up now and you go to:

If you don’t know about Chris yet, you should. But check out this video and more at his website and I think you will know precisely what I mean.