Belgium Legalizes Child Euthanasia


Did you hear the latest? On Sunday, King Philippe of Belgium signed a law that legalized child euthanasia in Belgium without age limit. And just so you know, the King of Belgium is a Catholic.

I pray God the Church moves to excommunicate Philippe, because if this doesn’t get us there, I have to ask what would? But that is just my humble opinion, of course. I am not in management; I am in sales.


The bill originally passed the Belgium House of Representatives by a vote of 86-44 with 12 abstentions on February 13, following approval by the Senate last December.

As many of you know, in 2002, Belgium became the second country in the world to officially legalize Euthanasia for adults. The Netherlands was the first in the Fall of 2000. Now its on to the killing of infants.

Consider this: The 2002 Belgium Act on Euthanasia, which legalized euthanasia for adults, but supposedly only for those who were terminally ill or who were experiencing “unbearable suffering” with no hope of improvement, led to an explosion of deaths at the hands of doctors, reaching to an average of 1,400 per year. And as we will see below, “terminally ill,” and “unbearable suffering” have proved to be quite elastic in meaning.

Definition of “Unbearable Suffering?”

In December 2012, it was reported that doctors had euthanized 45 year-old old deaf identical twins who were going blind and believed they had nothing left to live for. Terminally ill? “Unbearable suffering?” I suppose “pain” has been expanded now to include the “emotional?”

In another case, a 44-year-old woman with chronic anorexia nervosa was euthanized. Chronic and purposeful barfing up of breakfast now takes on new meaning.

A 64-year-old woman suffering from chronic depression was also euthanized without informing her loved ones. Who better to make the decision to end her life than a woman in the midst of terrible depression and isolated from her family?

This causes me to ponder things a bit. Because there is now no age limit to euthanasia in Belgium, who will decide what the definition of “unbearable suffering” is for a one or two year-old? After all, infantile colic can be pretty darn “unbearable!” And perhaps the “unbearable” part could be extended to the suffering of the parents, right? I mean, after all, isn’t the goal to eliminate suffering? Isn’t that the “humane” thing to do?

The bottom line here is this: our Western world is speeding along on a collision course with the Almighty that will not end well for the Western world. America, for our part, has voted into the White House our most immoral president ever, a Democrat majority in the Senate that has become a collective evangelist for death and name the immorality you like best, and a feckless Republican majority in the House of Representatives afraid to stand up against anything beyond the abuse of new-born puppies.

I can remember when you were called an “extremist” if you were to warn that euthanasia may come to the United States. That was, until America watched as Terry Schiavo was starved to death over a period of 13 days in 2005. Euthanasia came to America, folks.

Forgive my bit of a pessimistic rant here, but the question is: When will we Americans wake up? Pope John Paul II said it best in Christifidelis Laici 38:

The inviolability of the person which is a reflection of the absolute  inviolability of God, finds its primary and fundamental expression in the inviolability of human life. Above all, the common outcry, which is  justly made on behalf of human rights-for example, the right to health, to home,  to work, to family, to culture- is false and illusory if the right to life, the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other  personal rights, is not defended with maximum determination.

Once we legalized murder and euphemistically called it “choice,” can we really be surprised by anything that follows? Now it’s just a matter of who has the most power to determine what category of humans is next to be slaughtered. We gave up our rights when we sacrificed the right of every human being to be protected from being butchered in the sanctuary of his or her mother’s womb.

Call me an extremist, but I’m afraid we will see child euthanasia come to America just as it has come to Belgium. Barring the intervention of almighty God–please God, let it be so–it is only a matter of time.

The truth is, Belgium has just taken the next logical step along the path that began with the legalization of abortion. After all, if you can kill a pre-born baby in the womb for any reason, or no reason, no questions asked, the killing of a newborn in the name of “humanely ending suffering” seems a no-brainer for our modern world.

In fact, in this upside down world in which we live, the question is often put to we who are pro-life, words to the effect of, “How can you be so ‘inhumane’ as to insist that we don’t kill babies?” Makes perfect sense, right?

Folks, the time has come for all of us to engage in the culture war. If you would like to know more about how to do just that, and specifically by defending the Church’s teaching against euthanasia, abortion, homosexual unions, and more, click here.